Apple Valley Art Studio 




Introducing the Artist

 Barbara Brown


Barbara Brown's love affair with the deserts of the Southwest caught fire as a teenager.  Wandering alone at dusk across a sandy mesa, she was struck by the beauty of a majestic saguaro silhouetted against a craggy foothill.  The fading sun played lights and shadows across the rocks.  The delicate hues of color and intricate shapes of shadows gave life and motion to a landscape seemingly unchanged for a million years.  Capturing the subtlety of such scenes on canvas became her lifetime passion. 



 Barbara was raised in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.  As a young child she took up the brush to find serenity in a frenetic city.  Her first landscapes were the overgrown vacant lots with luscious tall grass and trees, brush and flowers that dotted this bustling city.  Barbara moved to Simi Valley, California to raise a family of four children and practice nursing.  In 1984 she moved to Orange County and took a position with the State of California as a licensing compliance officer.  Painting remained her refuge.  In  1998 she retired to a private consulting practice and moved with her husband to Apple Valley where she lives amid the landscape she loves to  paint. Her cozy studio nestles at the base of a sun-drenched mesa, amid an orchard of fruit trees and wild Joshua trees.

Largely self-taught, Barbara paints with oils, water colors and acrylics on a variety surfaces - cloth, canvas, paper and others.  She has studied formally with Jerry Yarnell in Oklahoma. She is a member of the Hesperia Art Club and Gallery where she continues to study watercolor painting, a life-long learning experience.

Her paintings have garnered critical acclaim, winning numerous awards.  She enters her work frequently at fairs and exhibits.                

Barbara's work is exhibited for viewing and sale at the Route 66 Museum, Apple Valley Country Club, the Desert Nature Center in Borrego Springs and at her Apple Valley Studio.  


If you are interested in any of the pieces exhibited on this website, please contact for information and prices.